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Travel Check: Inner, middle and outer Maldive atolls



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Atoll Travel drops a quick-reference guide on travel options for the Maldives

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 January, 2018 - A chain of picture perfect coral atolls in the tropical Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a remote, exotic destination offering exciting surf and top quality facilities. Deluxe, resort-based surf holidays are locally managed by Atoll Adventures, the first surf tour operator in the country, and still the best. And there’s a choice of live-aboard boat surfaris.

The Maldives has 3 separate regions.
1. Inner Atolls (Cinnamon Dhonveli )
2. Central Atolls (Theia , Gurahali, Ocean Oasis boat charters)
3. Outer Atolls (Horizon II boat charters)

Best time to surf– March to October.

Inner Atoll charters on Theia, Gurahali or Ocean Oasis take in the surf regions of North and South Male Atolls. Jailbreak, Sultans and Honky’s are the famed lineups of the region, with good reason however numerous waves in the area provide a wide variety of waves for all surfers including punchy barrels and long walls.

Theia, Gurahali and Ocean Oasis are among the finest luxury boats in the Maldives. They are spacious with air-conditioned cabins, saloons and dining areas and have plenty of shaded open-air deck spaces on multiple levels. Each boat is accompanied by a support dhoni and tender with experienced crews and surf guides.

The charters are arranged for exclusive groups (7 – 16 surfers).

The surf:

North Male Atoll: A short cruise north from Male’ airport are the chain of islands that host the main surf breaks of North Male’ Atoll. The breaks able to be accessed will include Jailbreaks (R); Honky’s (L); Sultans (R); Ninjas/Piddlies (R); Colas/Cokes (R) & Chickens (L).

South Male Atoll: About 3 hours cruising from the resort region of North Male Atoll are the less visited surf breaks of Gurus (L), Quarters (R), Kates (L), Natives (R) & Last Stops (R). South Male’ Atoll breaks are usually a bit smaller than those in North Male’ Atoll but can be excellent when there’s a bigger swell.

The Maldives, Inner Atolls - Pasta Point

Cinnamon Dhonveli - Resort
A small and beautiful tropical island resort in the Maldives, offering exclusive access to the classic Pasta Point surf break, Cinnamon Dhonveli's program is designed especially for surfers.

The Maldives, Central Atolls

Theia - Boat
Theia is a 32-metre, timber hulled motor yacht; a luxury live-aboard that lets you explore the waves in style.
The Maldives, Central Atolls

Ocean Oasis - Boat
This beautiful boat is a pleasure to sail on. With its experienced captain and fully trained crew, Ocean Oasis offers the highest standards of service and accommodation.

Maldives, Outer Atolls

Horizon 2 - Boat
For the surfing adventurer, Outer Atolls Surfaris explore the truly isolated southern atolls on Horizon-2 a fully equipped, live-aboard motor cruiser featuring comfort and reliability without the luxury price tag.


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