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Mason Ho

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A little guy with huge talent and an even larger personality, Mason Ho has become the Hawaiian Ambassador of Fun, often called "The World's Mast Entertaining Surfer." In the lineup, the regularfoot's penchant for good times has earned him a reputation for being the guy smiling bigger than anyone, and rightfully so. His uncle is Derek Ho, the first Hawaiian to win a world title; his father is North Shore legend, Michael Ho; and his sister is girls champion and internet sensation, Coco Ho. But none of this seems to weigh Mason down, as he consistently puts out some of the most entertaining video clips. Mason had a great competitive season in 2014, making the semifinals at the Pipe Masters, and the finals at the Volcom Pipe Pro, where he nearly edged out perennial standout John John Florence.

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Opening Winter day at Pipeline with Mason Ho & crew
Highlights from the world's best tuberiding contest
Mason Ho chases hurricane swell to the North Shore
Mason Ho & crew get down and around in Costa Rica
When Eddie says "go" Mr. Ho asks no questions. He just goes
Mason Ho's sampler platter of surf and surfboards
28 February, 2017 - VIDEOS: Mason Ho is one of those pros most of us would like to surf with. Why? Because he makes the crappy surf that we experience day-in...
23 January, 2017 - VIDEOS: Michael Ho, John John, the local crew and an international roster of chargers have been scoring great surf at Pipeline this month.
10 January, 2017 - VIDEOS: OK, so there is no World Novelty Wave Championship Tour, but if there was Mr. Ho would take the title hands down. Mason is at home...
2 January, 2017 - VIDEOS: It's "Best of the Year" time and Red Bull has just launched a compilation clip with some highlights from their...
7 December, 2016 - DESIGN: Mason Ho’s first ever Pro Model has just launched. Designed with creative input and vision from the freewheeling, freethinking...
Mason Ho Gets deeply barreled at the 2016 Ripcurl Padang Padang cup
4 August, 2016 - VIDEOS: The Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang is not your grandpa’s surf contest. So it’s no coincidence that A-list talents like Bruce Irons, Jamie...


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