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Hawaiian Ezekiel Lau explores ramps & tubes of Bali






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A high intensity display of flawless barrel riding and raw power

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 June, 2016 - Shot and edited around a recent trip to Bali, Zeke Lau went to Indonesia on a mission to "add some spark to his surfing.” The result is "Views From Bali" - A high intensity display of flawless barrel riding and raw power. Exactly what you would expect from Zeke. A spark that, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree, turned into a full on blaze. 

"Traveling and chasing points on the World Qualifying Series can get dull at times," said Zeke. "This trip to Bali was something I did to add some spark to my surfing. I had a window and wanted to amp things up a bit. I used this trip as a mini training camp. I would wake up at the crack of dawn every morning, try to find the best possible waves the Island had to offer and surf till the tide went bad."

"I’d return to my villa and blast some music for a few hours and then surf again until dark. I entered in the QS 1,000 put on by the "MadHueys” to keep that competitive mind sharp. Having guys like Parko, Taj and Bruce in the water, it made me feel like a psyched little kid again. Leaving Bali I felt refreshed and psyched to surf. This trip was exactly what the doctor ordered.”


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