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Edouard Delpero, the man who makes history each day

Edouard Delpero © WSL/Hain



The Surfersvillage Interview

Drop in and get to know the multi-craft surfer with many talents, Edouard Delpero

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 January, 2017 - Edouard Delpero is a French pro surfer who is at ease with all manner of aquatic craft. He can throw air reverses on a shortboard just as easily as he can clock tip time on a longboard or slide an alaia through the shorebreak.

Originally from Marsaille now living in the Basque Country of France, outside of the surf Edouard's one of those high-functioning surfers, having recently just secured a business degree. He's very talented when it comes to crafting his own clips, often using creative camera angles and deft edits.

We thought it was time to catch up to one of France's most watch-able surfers.


How would you describe what you do for work to a very small, inattentive child?
I’m doing something I love! and I am trying to live from that.. A big part of it is just flying on the ocean !

What is that you do professionally that you are most proud of?
I just graduated with a Business School Degree last December 2016 (5th biggest business school in France) while I was managing my career.



What are you currently working on that you’re really excited about?
Part of my surfer job is doing videos and promoting myself via those, and I’m working on a big video project linked to the subject of connection and love with people - in a major way like through our experience of travelling. So the objective is not to promote directly myself but more to transmit something. Because through our experiences everybody could transmit something to the people who are able to receive it... Well not that clearly but I’m at the beginning and it is something that will take me a couple of years may be as I’m by myself and doing auto production for now. Yah, I’m pretty exited about all that.

Tell us what has been your biggest mistake and what did you learn from that mistake?
Good thing is that I don’t see any big mistakes in my life.. because I think it’s your choice to see something as a mistake. But for now.. I guess with some experiences I live through I think that you better have hard times with yourself to preserve others, and sometimes you have to make hard choices to preserve yourself too… Life is all about making choices.


Share with us your biggest Rocky Balboa (The Movie) moment (you know, punching meat in a freezer then running up the steps of City Hall with your own special theme music blaring.)
Well I think the biggest for me is when I’m focused on contests. Once I’m in the water training, I motivate myself after each wave but not too much so I dont loose myself in some hyper motivation. Once I calm down, I just listen my own music just before my heats to put the energy and connection with myself  ON !

If you weren’t a pro surfer, what would you be doing? Selling shoes?
Thinking about something in the service! Not in sales or commercial! But definitely something where I connect with others !

OK, you get to drop into three moments in history – surf or otherwise. Please name them and why.
_ 1980, surfing industry begins and discovering the waves in the world was just the way to live for surfers (Discovery of waves in Indo).
_ ISA World Longboard Surfing Games 2013 in Peru, one of the biggest moments in my life with my brother Antoine.
_ And I cannot think about another one … right now… we are scripting it .. trying to not blow it to keep living here… history is ON .. AHAHAHAHAH




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