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Dillon Perillo chases swell down the Pacific to a lonely atoll

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Some surf discoveries are worth a second look. Here, we revisit Perillo's lonely atoll

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 March, 2017 - After a little bit of GoogleEarth research Dillon Perillo decided to chase down a swell to a remote atoll. But which one? There are thousands of atolls floating in the Pacific. After tracking the swell’s movements in various directions and they finally zeroed in on an outcropping of reef many, many miles from the densely populated line-ups of the famed North Shore.

“I’m pretty sure it’s one of the biggest atolls in the world,” says Dillon. “From GoogleEarth it looked like there were a bunch of reef passes. Like one of the most dreamy places you could ever think of. Dillon and crew went on to score in the super blue water frequented by manta rays and reeling right-handers.



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