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Brazilian woman bit by shark during suspected selfie

Lemon Shark © Albert Kok/Wikicommons



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Woman picks up baby lemon shark, ends up with stitches in her hand

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 February, 2017 - A woman in Brazil was bitten on the hand as she tried dragging a baby lemon shark out of the water for a photo op. According to a press release by PETA, the tourist was vacationing on the beaches of Fernando de Noronha, in Brazil when she picked up the fish to take a selfie with it.

"She decided that being cruel was how she wanted to spend her getaway," said PETA in the online piece titled Shark Delivers Good Ol Karma To Selfie Seeking Tourist. 

Through shaky camera work viewers will see the woman pick up the small shark in shallows only to have the animal latch onto her hand not let go. The woman's boyfriend and a passerby tries to help pry the shark off her fingers. Later the woman went to a local hospital and received four stitches to her hand.

"Authorities charged the couple with cruelty to animals," said PETA. "The fine totaled over $6,000 because the shark was an endangered species within a conservation area."



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