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Board and Car launches to make Morocco more accessible



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Company offers new app, car rental, equipment rental and general help

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 November, 2017 - We’ve heard people jokingly say: “Morocco has some of the best surf in Europe.” While Europe is getting slammed by North Atlantic storms during the winter months all that intense open-ocean energy fans out across a huge open ocean fetch and filters down into northwest Africa.

Morocco faces directly toward these storms, but lays far enough away to collect all that swell energy and none of the bad winds or turbulent seas. What the means is clean conditions with plenty of swell - a perfect setup for surfing.

This perfection was discovered in the 1950s by visiting American servicemen and then later in the ‘60s and ‘70s by hippie trail surfers looking for empty waves off the beaten path. And they found it.

Morocco is a magical land of pointbreaks, some close together, some several kilometers apart. The best way to discover your own surf is on the road, driving from magical point to magical point. To help surfers get out of their stay-at-one-camp mindset, a new company has emerged and is offering hire cars, equipment and more so surfers can spend time exploring.



Tell us a little bit about your company?

The idea of Board and Car was launched after a discussion we had with some French surfers at the Imsouane surf village in the south of Morocco after figuring out that they had spent their whole vacation at the same spot waiting for the best day to catch some waves. We also learned from talking to them that they didn’t know exactly where to go or where the best surf would be.

So we decided to create this company with the goal of helping people better enjoy their surf trip in Morocco. We do this by giving them what they need to have a great trip. The two main components people need are the right equipment (car and boards) as well as the right information to find the right spots.

What are the advantages of having a car to surf in Morocco?

Morocco is full of surf spots from Rabat down to TanTan, so having a car will help surfers reach the spot they want. For example Taghazout has some international surf spots and every spot is 3km or 15 km away from the other. Also for people who want to surf in Essaouira, they will be surprised to find that the best surf spots are 20 and 100km away from the city. So searching for the best waves could be impossible without having a car. Also people like to sightsee and visit all the beautiful places around here so having a car is really important.


What is your company’s mission with the new App, and what can surfers use it for?

We would like to give surfers all the information they need on their surf trip so we decided to create an App which enables them to have the right information on the area’s surf spots, daily forecasts, surf lessons, activities and important things to see in the country – we even  give a description of the roads and how-to access the spots. So whatever the surfer’s goal is – whether it’s to improve their level or just to enjoy the feeling of surfing for the first time. our phone App can really help them with a bunch of free services.

The app market is pretty tough, what does your App do differently than other Apps?

We have seen a lot of Surf Apps in the marketplace. Some of them offer daily forecasts and reports while some just have news and others help with things like finding the best surfboard etc. What our App is up to is quite different. The surf trip is what really matters for us. So we are offering people free services through our App to help them have the best surf trip possible.


You’ve also updated your website - what can people find on your site?

We have added a new service to our website to help beginners who don’t want to be alone in the ocean and who want to improve their surf skills. So we offer a bunch of surf monitors to guide them during their trip to help them choose the best spot for lessons and reduce certain risks. Our surf monitors could also drive the car if the client is tired.

We have also added live chat to answer all their questions about surf in Morocco and about our services. Lastly one of the best things about our business is helping people save a lot of money. By using our service they can reduce costs up to 40% when compared to classic surfcamps.


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