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Basque Country legends take river bore event in China



2017 Carabao Battle at the Silver Dragon

Eneko Acero and Natxo Gonzales victorious against Dean Morrison and Koby Abberton

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 October, 2017 - Eneko Acera and Natxo Gonzales upset the highly favored defending champion Australian’s Dean Morrison and Koby Abberton to take home the $15,000.00 first prize.

In the closet Silver Dragon final in event history, it came down to the last ride of Spain’s Natxo Gonzalez on the City Balcony section of the wave to get their last ride that would be enough to beat the Aussies by a mere half point.

The Australian’s could not duplicate their Qualifying Day performance where they had established a record high, three wave total score and fell victim to the Spanish’s river strategy by letting the veteran Acera get his high score at the top of the river and let the youngster Gonzales finish off with his high performance surfing down at river’s end.

Finishing in third were the 2015 Silver Dragon Champions team California/Los Angeles Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnussen who missed the Qualifying Day’s cut by a half point.


1st: Team Spain Eneko Acera & Natxo Gonzales                                                $15,000.00
2nd: Team Australia Dean Morrison & Koby Abberton                                       $8,000.00
3rd: Team California/Los Angeles Alex Gray & Cheyne Magnussen               $5,000.00
4th: Team Brazil/Joao Simonsen & Heitor Duarte                                                   $3,000.00
5th: Team China Zhao Yuan Hong/Alan & Moyu Huang/Pablo                           $2,000.00
6th: Team Hawaii Jamie Sterling & Reno Makani                                                   $1,500.00


The Battle at the Silver Dragon is the first of its kind surf contest that pits two-athlete teams of surfers on the most unusual wave in the world. The phenomena that is known as the “Silver Dragon” is caused by the tidal surge that comes from the East China Sea into the Hangzhou Bay down the Qiantang river. The Qiantang “river bore” wave is unusual in its size (recorded at 9m), its variety of workable wave faces on its path through the middle of the city of Hangzhou.” It is a unique venue that brings with it Chinese mainstream media that wouldn’t normally cover surfing.



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