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Aritz Aranburu

Zarautz, Spain
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Popular Basque surfer Aritz Aranburu was born in Zarautz, Spain in 1985. A long time Quiksilver team rider, Aranburu has developed an international fan following through his creative blogging and video posts. Aranburu is a talented tube-rider with a lethal backside attack.

SPONSORS: Quiksilver, Pukas, DC, San Miguel

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2 November, 2016 - CONTESTS: Euskadi surfer Aritz Aranburu, 31, has won the Allianz Perfect Chapter, a tube riding contest held at iconic beach Praia do Norte...
31 December, 2014 - Aritz Aranburu has just posted the second #GOARITZ chapter appearing on Canal TV. The episode was recorded during the first World Tour stop...
7 April, 2014 - CONTESTS: In 2014 the crew celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Quiksilver Biarritz Maider Arosteguy at Grande Plage in Biarritz. Held over...
10 February, 2014 - CONTESTS: For the first time ever, the Canary Islands surfers will face the Peninsulan surfers. Each team will consist of 5 surfers, with...
16 January, 2014 - The new year has blessed the Euro contingent with the return to elite ASP World Championship Tour of Aritz Aranburu. The Basque man grows...


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